Saturday, September 29, 2012

Please hold a moment... or two... or thirty... or

We’re not sure what the record is for the longest time a person has been kept on-hold, but here’s an interesting story we heard from a nice gentleman who will remain unnamed:

“Years ago my brother used two-way radio communication in his service business. It seems that every time he called a nearby electronics supply store looking for a part, the same person would answer the phone, tell him she would check their inventory and then place him on hold for an unbearable length of time.

"One day he decided to humor himself. Knowing that the store was a short distance by car, and fairly certain they would have the part he was after, he prepared himself to leave and then called the store. As usual the same woman answered, and as usual she promised to check stock and placed him on hold. Immediately my brother jumped in his car, drove to the store, hurried inside to their will-call counter, bought the part, drove back to his business, raced inside and picked up the phone. And, yep, you guessed it... he was still on hold with them!”


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