Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last time around we discussed using a land line or cordless phone that’s in reasonable proximity to your on-hold player; proximity for convenience, to avoid running back and forth to check your adjustments, and a land line for best sound quality. 

Here’s a brief note regarding the shortcomings of mobile phone audio transmission.  To fit the increasing amount of wireless communications within the narrow bandwidth available the mobile phone industry uses voice compression/decoding and Voice Activity Detection (VAD) engineering.  All of this blah-blah basically means that when you’re talking on a cell phone the voice you hear is of a lower quality than that which you would hear on a land line.  Plus any non-voice sounds, such as background music are further degraded. 

For this reason, it’s more important than ever to have the volume of your message player adjusted to the ideal level, so that people calling your business from a mobile phone will usually be able to hear the voice just fine, though the background music may sound a bit spotty.

The good news is that technology in this area is slowly (oh, please hurry!) improving.  Stay tuned for more on setting the optimum volume level for your messages on-hold!