Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little "Fun" On-Hold Can Go a Long Way!

Since music and message on-hold programs began appearing in the 1980’s, more business owners and marketing companies have tapped into the power of this effective communication tool. Back then, only a tiny number of producers were creating an occasional witty message for their clients. While the older media, such as radio, TV and print, and the new kid on the block, the World Wide Web all increased their use of humor in their messages, the realm of “on-hold” has, for the most part “stayed staid”, adhering to a more somber tone in conveying information about products and services to callers on hold. But, that’s changing.

In the last few years, an increasing number of businesses nationwide have been treating their callers on-hold to an occasional chuckle in the form of short skits, dialogues, one-liners, trivia and more. From major airlines to wholesale distributors to small, local businesses, infusing a little comic or trivia-related relief is getting positive response from callers, who not only enjoy the break it provides, but also seem to feel “cozier” doing business with a company that shows it’s genuine side (in a situation that can sometimes be perceived as cold or static).

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